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We need your voice, and as many voices as possible, so we can turn up the volume on this issue. Politicians need to hear from all New Zealanders that it’s no longer 1972. It’s 2017 and it’s time for New Zealand to be a fair place, a place where the sisters are treated the same as the misters.

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The current gender pay imbalance is 13%. In 2016, women's average weekly earnings ($432 a week) were 61.1% of men's earnings ($707 a week).
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The Electoral Act 1893 gives all women the right to vote. This was a monumental victory for suffragettes and the 32,000 women who signed petitions to present to parliament. The case for equal pay has not been so fortunate.

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“New Zealand used to be a progressive country in this area and we’re banking on that branding. But you can’t just rely on Kate Sheppard forever, you actually have to look at the data. It’s pretty shocking. ”
Alice Brine
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Prue Hyman
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The Equal Pay act is passed.

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“I can imagine my grandmother fighting for equality. I can imagine my mother and my aunts all having working towards it, time and time again, throughout their lives in different ways, and different contexts. And I don’t want my nieces to not have equity. It’s not okay.”
Why get behind equal pay
“I’ll try anything at this point. I don’t want my nieces to be stuck where women have been stuck.”
Naiomi Murgatroyd
Why we're doing this.
“We need to live up to our standard of being the ‘progressive’ country we once were. It's time to start a movement by dressing up like the 10 that you are”
Alice Brine
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“There are still big issues that need to be addressed.”
Elizabeth Tennett
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Part of the solution to achieving equal pay is people joining together in union.

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