Glossary What the words mean
Gender Pay Imbalance

The average difference between what men and women are paid (this is sometimes called the gender pay gap).

Equal Pay

Paying men and women the same pay for the same work. After the Bartlett v Terranova case, this is also thought to include pay equity.

Pay Equity

Equal pay for work of equal value.

Equal pay for work of equal value means that, as well as women getting the same pay as men for the same job, women should get the same pay as men for doing a different but comparable job—a job involving comparable skills, years of training, responsibility, effort and working conditions.

This is a policy principle in international conventions ratified by New Zealand, which require government action. This principle is addressed by two New Zealand Acts: the Government Services Equal Pay Act 1960 and the Equal Pay Act 1972, both still in force. Despite this, equal pay for work of equal value is not being delivered. The terms of the Equal Pay 1972 are not being implemented fully by the government.