Why we're doing this

Because it is 2017 and it's time to Treat Her Right. 

The current gender pay imbalance is 13%. In 2016, women's average weekly earnings ($432 a week) were 61.1% of men's earnings ($707 a week).

Based on current figures, it’s going to take 45 years before women will be paid equally. And that’s not on. 

Equal pay affects everyone: the recent uni grad just starting her first job, the mum who is taking a couple of years out of paid work to raise her children, or the home care worker who gets paid less than a male doing a comparable job. Treat Her Right is about all of us. 

The Equal Pay Act 1972 prohibited discrimination of employees’ pay rates based on their sex. It also stipulated men and women in the same job must be paid equally; as well as equal pay for work of equal value for jobs that mainly employ women. However, these terms have not been fully implemented since 1972—shown in our current 13% gender pay imbalance.

Photo: Jinki Cambronero

I can imagine my grandmother fighting for equality. I can imagine my mother and my aunts all having working towards it, throughout their lives in different ways, and different contexts. And I don’t want my nieces to not have equity. It’s not okay.

— Treat Her Right participant.